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News: July Vacation: Somehow the Weather is Better Now

July Vacation: Somehow the Weather is Better Now
Eclipse Star July 14th, 2024 Edition!

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
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July 14

Silver Genesis Spheal

SilverGenesisSpheal is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

Omega Miltank

July 14: New ??? DNAs!

A new selection of Pokemon can be restored from all classes of ??? DNAs! All DNA classes have entirely new prize pools. A big thanks once again to Kora ʕ ʔ for preparing this update! She is cute.

Tip: ??? DNAs are a mysterious type of Pokemon DNA found randomly while searching the Legendary Areas, battling, mining, or chatting on the cbox. They can also be earned from Daily Prize chests. Visit the DNA Center to restore DNAs — you require 3 DNAs of a particular type to restore a Pokemon back to life.

July 9: Happy Birthday Hazel Wazel!!

Shadow Genesis TotodileShadow Genesis CroconawShadow Genesis Feraligatr

Happy birthday to the sheepiest person known to woolly kind, Ugh_first_aid!! In celebration, she has generously donated for a 2x boost for all players to enjoy over the next 24 hours, and a new promo is available for today only: ShadowGenesisTotodile—enjoy, and make sure to wish her a happy birthday!! ♥

Seillib Trading Week: July 2024

Seillib Trading Week is now live. This summer's festivities will take place over the course of five days: between Friday, the 5th of July, and Tuesday, the 9th of July.

The official forum for this event can be found here: Seillib Trading Week information. Please read the full thread before partaking!

Current Phase: Event has concluded.
*only one attempt can be made per phase*

July 4: Patriot Mines!

Happy Fourth of July! In celebration, a gang of Minior have mined their way back into Patriot Mines, meaning it's once again open for business after all these years! Rumor has it they are enjoying hot dogs of all kinds, and certainly not conspiring to commit treason against the British Empire...

Galaxy AronShiny Galaxy AronLegacy Galaxy Aron

Also, don't forget to check out the Mine Shop, which now features GalaxyAron until August 5th 2025! Unlike typical shop releases, this one has a chance of being any color (1/15). In other words, you will receive 1 of the 15 available colors at random per purchase. Furthermore, the shards used to purchase it will change every week (on Monday, i.e. when the lottery is drawn). Good luck, and a huge thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ for organizing today's updates and new sprites!

Finally, please note that the final day to use your Roto Boosts will be Sunday, July 7th, although this is subject to change. Either way, use 'em or lose 'em! In other words, Roto Boosts will become unusable after 00:00 July 8th.

July 2024: Exclusive Donator Avatars!

Hyper Aqua HattremHyper Blaze LampentHyper Gaia Krokorok

The Exclusive Avatars for July 2024 are HyperAquaHattrem, HyperBlazeLampent, and HyperGaiaKrokorok!

All donators who donate $25 or more in July will earn these avatars for free!
The avatars are permanently and automatically added to your Avatar Collection.
They are available for July only, then they will be unobtainable.

Hyper Fire Wushu UrshifuHyper Water Wushu Urshifu

Furthermore, if you donate $50 or more during July, you'll also receive HyperFireWushuUrshifu and HyperWaterWushuUrshifu avatars! Thanks so much to Kora ʕ ʔ for this month's elemental avatars!

If you already qualify for the avatars, you should receive them automatically within three days! If not, please reach out to Cless. (You will get a PM once they're added to your avatar collection.)

If you're interested in donating, see the Donations Guide for more details!
And feel free to PM me, Cless or Kora if you have any questions at all!

July 1 2024: Smol Friend Trifecta!

Breaking news alert: in the wake of the Friendship Trifecta/Elite Join Events, three intergalactic Pokemon have been seen darting across Eternia! They seem interested in the original Friendship Trifecta... or perhaps they're jealous?!

You may encounter them randomly while searching, battling, or mining, but they'll only show themselves to the smolest of elite trainers! Players will need to meet the following criteria to run into them:

Searching Join Event: Must be at least Map Level 1,000 (may be found while searching the Legendary Areas, guaranteed after 2m searches)
Battling Join Event: Must be at least Trainer Level 25,000 (may be found while battling, guaranteed after 1m battles)
Mining Join Event: Must be at least Mining Level 2,000 (may found while mining, guaranteed after 1m mines)

These Pokemon are meant to be smol yet major accomplishments and will be obtainable for the rest of the year (January 1 2025, subject to change). Each Pokemon can be found only once. After the listed threshold of searches/battles/mines, you are guaranteed to get the respective Pokemon if you haven't already found it.

Furthermore, once you've found all three listed Join Events, you will automatically receive a completion reward, as well as the chance to find a final 1/1m UJE!

Custom Pokemon portrait for Feen Custom Pokemon portrait for Vox ShinyMeowth Pokemon portrait Custom Pokemon portrait for Toqu
Make sure to thank Feen, Vox, Robson, and Toqu for these releases!

June 27: Squirtle Squad Cove - Happy Birthday Fluff!

All of a sudden, the mythical Kyogre's Temple been overtaken by the infamous gang known as The Squirtle Squad™️ who have turned it into their new base: Squirtle Squad Cove! So, naturally, this is an excellent opportunity to catch some rare new Pokemon! Put on your diving gear if you're brave enough, but beware: The Squirtle Squad is famously ruthless. To make matters worse, the whales who once inhabited this legendary area are *quite displeased* to put it mildly, so watch out for vicious whale attacks!

Custom Pokemon portrait for Fluff Custom Pokemon portrait for Tootsie Custom Pokemon portrait for Kora
Happy birthday and golden year Fluff, and thanks to him for donating to make this happen!! Thanks also to Tootsie for releasing one of the new Pokemon, and to Kora ʕ ʔ for helping to organize this map takeover as well as for creating the new Galaxy sprites!

Eclipse Star June 16th, 2024 Edition!

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
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