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News: Map EXP

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January 31

Legacy Seviper
LegacySeviper is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

January 30

Happy Birthday Cless!

Also, the Design Options page has been revamped and has some new options!

January 29

You can now earn Map EXP on the Legendary Areas!
This will be used for future features and new content.

To get Map EXP:
* Search on the maps.
* Find plushies/portraits.
* Find Special Pokemon.
* Catch wild legendary Pokemon.
* Catch & defeat wild Pokemon.
* Catch & defeat Ungendered/Unknown Gendered Pokemon.

January 25

Congrats to Kora and Kurikara on becoming Trial Administrators!
Let the games begin.

Also, welcome to Auraglow as a Contributor!

January 12

Ultimew is now a Super Moderator!
Also, Finn and Mr Melo have become full Cbox Moderators!

January 7

Just to clarify: Gifted Pokemon may only be returned by mods when there is evidence that it's a temporary arrangement and stated before or shortly thereafter. Basically, there needs to be mutual agreement on that fact at the time the gift is given.
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Posted By: Cless
Date Posted: December 24, 2017