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News: February Update

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February Update
March 4

The latest edition of the Eclipse Newspaper is now available! Click here to check it out!

March 1

Astral Darkrai
For those with Ultra Space unlocked, AstralDarkrai has materialized!

February 28

For avid battlers, there is a new option to show your daily stats on the battle page!
This option is disabled by default. You can enable it at Design Options:

February 27

Emerald Porygon
EmeraldPorygon is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

February 18: Soccor

Congrats to Robin on becoming a Super Moderator!

February 15

Congrats to Spintato for becoming a full Artist!

February 14: Valentines Event!

Oh emm gee, it's time for the Valentines Event!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!~ ♥
Update: The event is now over!

You can marry the love of your life at the Marriage Event! ♥
Who's the best lesbian couple on Eclipse this year?!

Find Heart Scales on the Legendary Areas and spend them at the Valentines Shop! ♥

Let the love games begin.
May the odds be ever in your favor.

February 12

On Saturday, there will be a 1.6x boost thanks to CorruptLogic and Raymaster!
It will begin at 11:00am Eclipse Time!

February 9

Many ILuv variants have been revamped!
You can click on them to view their Amount Viewer entry.
If you want to donate for one to go in-game, they'll only be 12.50 for the next while.

ILuvMachamp was revamped by Empty/LF Woopers!
Thanks to DoctorJellystonesGay for revamping Eevee and Jirachi!
And thanks to Mystera for revamping Arbok, Gardevoir, Yanma, and Latias!

Feb 1: Exclusive Donator Avatars!

Hyper I Luv Jirachi
The Exclusive Avatar for February 2019 is HyperILuvJirachi!

All donators who donate $25 or more in February will earn this avatar for free!
The avatar is permanently and automatically added to your Avatar Collection.
It is available for a month only, then it will be unobtainable!

Legacy Hyper ObliveonLegacy Hyper Event Cresselia
Also, if you donate $50 or more during February, you'll get LegacyHyperObliveon and LegacyHyperEventCresselia avatars!

If you're interested in donating, see the Donations Guide for more details!
And feel free to PM me, Cless if you have any questions at all!
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Posted By: Cless
Date Posted: February 02, 2019