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News: Moocow Mayhem!

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Moocow Mayhem!
August 14

Legacy Hyper Deino
LegacyHyperDeino is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

August 11

The latest edition of the Eclipse Newspaper is now available! Click here to check it out!

The Eclipse Star wants YOU to join!
Click here for more info on how to become a Newspaper staff member!

August 8: Mesprit's Lake!

New Pokemon are swarming Mesprit's Lake! The map legends (MLs) will only be available for a month. Good luck capturing them! Great thanks to DoctorJellystonesGay for the beautiful redesigned map image.

August 4: Moocow Mayhem Results

Click here for the final results of the Seillib portion of the Moocow Mayhem event! The usernames are listed in alphabetical order. You will have one week to claim your prize, whether that is PCs or Pokemon from Seillib. The green row will show your total Seillib pot. Take that amount times 1 million to get your total value. Please follow the rules below regarding Seillib prizes.

PM Robin with your choice in prizes. Do not send a trade before you are told to do so. If you are unsure of the price of something, ask in cbox! It's always worth a try to get something close to your PC pot value, so don't fear if you pick something that's too expensive—you will get another try. You may choose up to 5 Pokemon whose total value is less than or equal to your PC pot from both Seillib and Shadow Seillib. You may choose to take a max of 250mil PCs instead of a Pokemon, but you cannot take both.

Please PM Megan if you have any questions.

August 2: Event Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, August 3rd, is the final day of the Moocow Mayhem event! The staff/Seillib portion of the event ends Saturday August 3rd at 11:59pm Eclipse Time—that is, at reset—while the in-game portion of the event may or may not run a few hours past that.

Remember to exchange your Moomoo Milk at Moomoo Farm! You will have 3 days to exchange your Moomoo Milk after the event concludes. Beyond that, you can instant sell your remaining Moomoo Milk if you would like, or just hold onto it.

July 28 – August 3: Moocow Mayhem!

Moocow Mayhem is upon us, an event that will last for a week!

You'll find delicious Moomoo Milk by searching the Legendary Areas, mining, and winning battles. Moomoo Milk can be exchanged at Moomoo Farm to earn Farm Treasure Boxes! Or, your Pokemon can drink it to restore 100 HP in battles.

A new map is available to explore for the week: Moomoo Ranch!

There's even a new event mine area: Moomoo Mines!

Furthermore, you'll have an easier time finding Moomoo Milk on the event maps Moomoo Ranch and Moomoo Mines, or by training a Moocow, Miltank, or Tauros!

Finally, there is a a staff-run portion of the event which required prior registration. If you didn't sign up for the Staff Event, don't worry! You can still join in on the in-game portion of the event, meaning you'll be able to find Moomoo Milk and search on the new event maps. Have fun!

Thanks to Megan, Robin, and Kora for their part in organizing this massive event, and thanks to DoctorJellystonesGay for designing the map and mine images!

July 19: Summer Boosts!

For the rest of Summer, EXP boosts are only $15! Check out the Donations Guide if you're interested, and feel free to message Cless if you have any questions!

July 18: Enigma Island!

A bunch of new Pokemon have appeared on Enigma Island! Many of them will only be available for a limited time, so capture them while you can! To celebrate, an EXP boost is also active for the next 30 hours or so!

Enigma Island is an Exclusive Legendary Area and can be purchased on the Moon Shop for 3,500 Moon Points, which are earned randomly by winning battles.

July 15 – July 21

Crystal Relic Celebi
On July 21st, for every matching number in the Eclipse Lottery participants will get a CrystalRelicCelebi! Make sure to enter this week here.

July 14: Promotion Commotion

Congratulations to Robin for becoming Community Manager, Kora for becoming a Content Developer, and Woods for becoming a full Cbox Moderator!

Community Manager and Content Developer are new roles on an equal footing with the Global Moderator role. The Community Manager Robin is ultimately in charge of Seillib events, and will do his best to ensure that players have a positive experience with the game, the rest of the community, and the staff team itself.

The Content Developer Kora will work alongside Cless to push out new features & events, and will help to push v2 to completion. She is also in charge of enforcing the rules prohibiting cheating.

If you'd like to join our team, you can apply to be a Moderator!

July: Exclusive Donator Avatars!

Legacy Hyper Therian Thundurus
The Exclusive Avatar for July 2019 is LegacyHyperTherianThundurus!

All donators who donate $25 or more in July will earn this avatar for free!
The avatar is permanently and automatically added to your Avatar Collection.
It is available for a month only, then it will be unobtainable!
Thanks to DoctorJellystonesGay for making it!

Shiny Genesis Latimew-small-canvasShiny Genesis Female Latimew-small-canvasShiny Hyper LatimewShiny Hyper Female LatimewShiny Relic LatimewShiny Relic Female Latimew

Also, if you donate $50 or more during July, you'll get the Shiny Latimew avatar set!
Thanks to Jelly for designing the Genesis/Relic variants, and for improving the Hypers!

If you're interested in donating, see the Donations Guide for more details!
And feel free to PM me, Cless if you have any questions at all!
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Date Posted: July 04, 2019