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News: September Update

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September Update
September 29th

Galaxy Togepi
Update: For every matching number in the Eclipse Lottery this week, participants will get a GalaxyTogepi! Make sure to enter this week! Thanks to Dan for donating to make this happen, and thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ for designing the sprites.

September 29th numbers have been drawn for the Official Eclipse Lottery:12-18-20-21-24. Be sure to enter for the October 6th drawing. All the information on the lottery can be viewed here.

September 29: Eclipse Star

The latest edition of the Eclipse Newspaper is now available! Click here to check it out!
The Eclipse Star wants YOU to join!
Click here for more info on how to become a Newspaper staff member!

September 26

Rainbow Bellsprout

RainbowBellsprout is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!
Thanks to + Itachi Uchiha!

September 20: ???

A disturbance has been sensed on one of the maps. A new Hidden Map Legend awaits...?

September 20

Welcome goncas back as an official Eclipse Artist!

September 17: Plush Auction

Come check out the bi-weekly plushie/port auction for a chance to win a ShinyRayquaza plushie!

September 14: Shadow Storages

You can now donate $10 to get approval for a Shadow Storage. To qualify, you must already have a main Storage Account and a Secondary Storage. A reasonable explanation for wanting a new storage may need to be provided. See the Donations Guide under "One-time Donation Perks" for more details.

September: Exclusive Donator Avatars!

Hyper EeveeHyper VaporeonHyper JolteonHyper Flareon
Hyper EspeonHyper UmbreonHyper LeafeonHyper GlaceonHyper Sylveon
The Exclusive Avatars for September 2019 are the Eevee set!
9 avatars to celebrate the 9th month of the year!

All donators who donate $25 or more in September will earn these avatars for free!
These avatars are permanently and automatically added to your Avatar Collection.
They are available for a month only, then they will be unobtainable!

Hyper Galaxy Dialga Hyper Galaxy Palkia

Also, if you donate $50 or more during September, you'll get the HyperGalaxyDialga and HyperGalaxyPalkia avatars! Thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ!

If you're interested in donating, see the Donations Guide for more details!
And feel free to PM me, Cless if you have any questions at all!
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Posted By: Cless
Date Posted: September 15, 2019