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News: Ultra Space Takeover!

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Ultra Space Takeover!
Eclipse Star: June 1 Edition

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
Check out the latest edition of the Eclipse Star by clicking here!

Eclipse Star Showdown Event

Furthermore, if you enjoy competitive or casual Pokemon battling on Pokemon Showdown, the Eclipse Star Showdown Event has officially begun!

May 27: Portrait Mayhem!

Update @ 2:30pm

The portrait LegacySylveog is now also obtainable at Ultra Space!

Several new portraits can be found around the maps, courtesy of ZagzigZero!

LegacyObliveon: Thunder Ruins

LegacyPhanteon: Distortion World

LegacyResoluteKeldeo: Manaphy's Haven

LegacySylveog: Ultra Space

Thanks to Zag for designing these portraits as well! All four portraits are extremely rare and capped at 20ig.

May 25

Sapphire Genesis Mudkip
SapphireGenesisMudkip is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

May 16: Star Shop Overhaul!

Pearl SnoruntRainbow LarvitarAstral ShayminGalaxy Arceus

Entirely new Pokemon are available for purchase at the Star Shop!

Star Points are a currency exclusively earned from Daily Prize Chests as a reward for player loyalty. Thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ for her help with this update, and thanks to Iapetus as well for making ShadowHyperGalaxyRayquaza available!

Finally, congratulations to Pepper, TheRealGHCLuna, and DeletedUser for winning the Star Shop raffle grand prizes! The next round of Star Shop raffles will begin on June 1st, so keep an eye out!

May 15: New ??? DNAs!

The pool of Pokemon restorable from ??? DNAs at the DNA Center has been rotated! Cbox and Daily Prize DNAs are unchanged for the time being. Thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ for helping with this update!

Furthermore, the Star Shop raffles will be drawn later today, and the results will be posted on the Cbox, so keep an eye out for that!

May 13

Happy birthday Hippo Itachi Uchiha!

May 11: Happy 69th birthday Dan!

Happy 69th birthday to our delicious Global Moderator Dan!

May 2: Plushie Backgrounds Return!

Plushie backgrounds finally work on the Cbox again! To celebrate, players will earn 2 AP per battle for the next 24 hours!

May 2: New Astral Rock Trade-In Tier!

An amendment to the recent Astral Rock Trade-In update: A new 250,000 Astral Rocks tier has been added! As a reminder, Astral Rocks are found exclusively in Ultra Space.

May 2: Happy birthday Ulti!

Happy birthday to Ultimew!

May 1: Ultra Space Takeover!

Rainbow LugiaRainbow Ho-ohPearl DarkraiGalaxy Origin Giratina
RainbowLugia, RainbowHo-oh, PearlDarkrai, and GalaxyOriginGiratina have been seen emerging from Ultra Wormholes deep in Ultra Space! Ultra Space authorities are seeking Pokemon Trainers to subdue & capture the dangerous legendary Pokemon and restore disorder to Ultra Space!

Ultra Space is a Legendary Area that can be unlocked by purchasing it at the Moon Shop for 100,000 Moon Points. Ultra Space is the ultimate challenge and isn't for the faint of heart, so good luck to all trainers who embark to Ultra Space!

Thanks to Baddy, Toxii, Kora ʕ ʔ, Parrot, Vikalu, and zokoo for banding up to make this update happen; and to Tigwe & Dylan for some of the other undiscovered updates!

Astral Rock Trade-In Overhaul

Furthermore, as a part of this update, the Astral Rock Trade-In has been overhauled with brand new Pokemon to earn!

Astral Rocks are a mysterious, multidimensional rock found in Ultra Space! If blended alone, they can create Ultra Wormholes from which Pokemon appear.

Light ChatotBeta WooperRainbow Beta Wooper
Finally, a reminder regarding a few other recent releases:

* LightChatot as an ML and BetaWooper as an SML on Mesprit's Lake, by Kable, available for 1 month!

* RainbowBetaWooper found randomly while battling, with 1/1250 odds, courtesy of Baylor!

Beta Pokemon are designs that were either planned for inclusion into the official Pokemon RPG franchise and scrapped; or that had a prototype design that differed from the final design:

Relic Wooper

Take for instance BetaWooper—one of the early prototypes of Wooper—which was included in one of the early Pokemon Gold/Silver demos, and which differed substantially from the final design of Wooper.

Beta Pokemon currently encompass designs from the Spaceworld 1997 Demo and the Spaceworld 1999 Demo, both of which were prototype demos of the then-upcoming Pokemon Gold/Silver Versions. Click those links to learn more.
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Posted By: Cless
Date Posted: May 01, 2020