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News: September Update!

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September Update!
October 23: Darkrai Disorder!

Astral Hyper Galaxy DarkraiLegacy Hyper Galaxy Darkrai
Reports have come in of AstralHyperGalaxyDarkrai and LegacyHyperGalaxyDarkrai suddenly appearing before trainers in battle! These rare Darkrai have a small chance of being encountered randomly while battling. If you find one, you will be notified and the Pokemon will go directly to your box. Thanks to Night Shroud for this, and to Zoloroark for the Legacy sprite!

A third secret battle Pokemon has been added by Megan as well!

October 19: Art Credits!

You can now check the art credits for a particular sprite by visiting the Amount Viewer or the [ Credits ] tab of a user's profile! In addition, the new Art Credits page lists all sprites and all user contributors.

Please make us aware of any accidental inaccuracies or omissions. Note that banned users are not displayed on the Amount Viewer or the user contributors section - you must visit their profile directly. In addition, this feature only shows contributors with Eclipse accounts at the moment, i.e. not off-site contributors.

A huge thanks to Nonexistent User for his help preparing this update and setting most of the credits correctly!

October 17

Happy birthday Sigipoo! ♥

October 16

Hyper Yveltal
Seven years to the day since Yveltal was first released on Eclipse, HyperYveltal has been sighted at Jirachi's Park! This special event Pokemon will only be available for 3 days. Good luck to all trainers, and thanks to Iapetus for making this happen!

October 15

Shadow Witchy Pikachu
ShadowWitchyPikachu is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks! (Sorry for the delay in this announcement!)

October 13: Nightmare Dimension!

Time has mysteriously stopped at Enigma Island and it has been transported across spacetime, becoming Nightmare Dimension! Several new Pokemon await discovery in this enigmatic realm!

In addition, a new site theme is available: the Nightmare theme, created by our Head Artist Nonexistent User! You can change to this theme by visiting the Options page.

Happy birthday LordHaunter! ♥

A big thanks goes to Vikalu, Itachi Uchiha, Parrot, Dio, Saphy, Night Shroud, and Megan for teaming up to donate for & plan this map takeover for Saqo's birthday!

Thanks also to Sigi for the gorgeous and spooky map design, and to Nonexistent User, Kora ʕ ʔ, and Itachi Uchiha for various art in this event!

October 10: Rule Clarification

Recently many users have reported or complained that other users are constantly posting short, low character count messages composed of single letters, periods, or numbers. Many users are either engaging in this style of posting to farm for cbox DNA or mock others who attempt to farm cbox DNA, although we recognize not everyone is. This activity has either caused large chains which flood out the cbox and discourage others from starting or continuing their conversations, or simply irritated users to a degree that they have decreased usage of cbox altogether for concerns that they will accidentally cause a large chain.

After considering user concerns and discussing whether or not there is any justification for staff intervention, we have decided to remind cbox users that distracting posts are covered under the site rules and encourage them to keep in mind that many things done excessively can become distracting enough to the immersion and conversation of other users to justify a warning. Due to the number of users irritated by this activity, the excessive level it has reached, and the fact that it is being used as a way to farm cbox DNA (an activity that is frowned upon) or mock others, we have come to the conclusion that this type of posting has certainly become distracting.

As a result, users who have been excessively engaging in this style of posting may receive warnings or bans if such behavior continues after this site update. Please be advised that starting drama in relation to this rule clarification will be treated harshly, as will attempts to find loopholes or "get around" this rule. If you believe that you fall under this category or have any questions regarding what constitutes a distracting style of posting, feel free to reach out to a staff member. Thank you for your cooperation.

- Cless and the staff

October 10: Moon Shop

Shiny Hyper Galaxy Dialga
ShinyHyperGalaxyDialga is now on the Moon Shop costing 300,000 Moon Points until November 1st, thanks to Iapetus!

October Star Shop Raffles!

Shiny Genesis LatiosSilver AbsolAstral Latias
The October Star Shop raffles are now open for entry! Winners will be drawn after November 15th. A big thanks to Dio again for his help on this!

Note: Star Points are a currency exclusively earned from Daily Prize Chests as a reward for player loyalty. Good luck!

October 9

For the next 2 weeks, donating for a 2x EXP boost will also activate a Search Boost! A search boost makes it temporarily easier to search on the Legendary Areas with reduced button movement. Stacking a 1.5x boost with another user will activate a search boost as well. Check out the Donations Guide for more information!

Eclipse Star: October 5 Edition

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
Check out the new Eclipse Star by clicking here!

October 1: New ??? DNAs!

A new selection of Pokemon can be restored from ??? DNAs! All Daily Prize DNAs remain unchanged for now, and two Cbox DNAs from the last rotation remain as well. Thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ for helping with this update!

??? DNAs are a mysterious type of Pokemon DNA found randomly while searching the Legendary Areas, battling, mining, or chatting on the cbox. Visit the DNA Center to restore DNAs — you will require 3 DNAs of a particular type to restore a Pokemon.

A couple other updates have happened today, so read on:

October 1: Mine Shop Additions

Dark Hyper Galaxy SpiritombPearl Hyper Galaxy SableyeRainbow Latimew

Three new Pokemon are now available for purchase at the Mine Shop: DarkHyperGalaxySpiritomb, PearlHyperGalaxySableye, and RainbowLatimew! Thanks to sONICmEW152 for donating to put the first two in-game, and thanks to Megan for RainbowLatimew!

October 1: Wailord's Waterfall!

The once-peaceful Manaphy's Haven has suddenly been overtaken by a gang of Wailmer and Wailord, viciously turning it into their hideout: Wailord's Waterfall!

Warning: Do not feed the Wailmers. And do not stare directly into their eyes.

This map takeover will be available for exploration from October 1st–14th. Thanks to Kable for donating for and planning this map takeover!

September 26: Battle portraits!

The following portraits can now be found randomly in battles!

LegacyLustrousKyurem: 1/85k odds, capped at 30ig
ShadowOmegaCelebi: 1/140k odds, capped at 26ig

Both are 2-per-player (2pp), meaning each player can find a maximum of 2 without trading. You have a chance of finding either portrait when you win a battle.

Legacy Lustrous Kyurem
Furthermore, LegacyLustrousKyurem has a newly revamped sprite matching the portrait!

Thanks to zLustrous for donating for the portraits to go in-game, and thanks to Nonexistent User for all the art in this update!

September 22

Recent issues with getting ??? Cbox DNA on Google Chrome have been resolved. If you have experienced this issue, you will need to log out and log back in.

In the coming days, all players who missed Cbox DNA due to this bug will have their odds re-rolled and sent an automated PM if they earn any DNAs. Update: All DNAs have been distributed, you should have received a PM if you got any!

September 17: Fox House Returns!

As quickly as it vanished, Fox House has reappeared out of thin air! A pack of dazzling GalaxyOmegaZoroark make their way onto the scene, as well as a stunning new batch of rare Pokemon to discover. This map will be available from September 17th–29th!

Rumors tell that one new Illusory Map Legend has joined the Fox House roster, bringing the total to 4 IMLs active at once! It has also been reported that multiple new Mysterious Fox Orbs are present within the mansion — truly, this is an unpredictable place.

If you have a high enough Map Level, you will be eligible to access the most hidden area of Fox House known as the Star Atrium — these are some of the rarest Pokemon in the game!

Finally, to celebrate its 2nd run, Fox House will feature the elegant and classy Legacy Vulpix Portrait by our own Fox Lady, Mystera! You have a chance of finding this portrait while searching on Fox House!

The following wild Pokemon from last rotation are now unobtainable: RainbowNatu, RubyRelicMisdreavus, CrystalGenesisAbsol, RubyNickit, RubyRelicVulpix, RubyEventFennekin, DarkHatenna, AstralImpidimp, and RubyGalarianZigzagoon.

Fox House Credits:

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this rotation of Fox House!

Dio: Conceptualizing the event map, design and content development work, as well as donating for most of the new releases

Kora ʕ ʔ: Normal + Shiny + Legacy GalaxyOmegaZoroark sprites, and LegacyGalaxyLatios sprite

Nonexistent User: Improvements to GalaxyOmegaZoroark sprite, glow on LegacyGalaxyOmegaZoroark, custom palettes for new Pokemon in this rotation

Mystera: LegacyVulpix portrait

September 16: Latias Heaven

Emerald Hyper LatiasCrystal Hyper Latios
For trainers who have achieved Map Level 420 and can access Latias Heaven, new Pokemon have been sighted! EmeraldHyperLatias and CrystalHyperLatios are map legends available until October 1st, and a new SML can be caught in the wild: LegacyPrimalLatios!

Legacy Primal Latios
Unlike traditional SMLs, the new SML is 1pp (1-per-player), meaning it cannot be captured more than once.

Thanks to Iapetus for putting EmeraldHyperLatias and CrystalHyperLatios in-game!

September 8: Silver Sprites

Please vote on which style of Silver Pokemon sprites you prefer! If the new style has at least 75% support, we will consider a broader update of the Silver palette in the RPG.

Thanks to Nonexistent User for the new sprite concepts!

September 6: Game Updates!

A number of game updates have been released today, so let's get to it!

ArctozoltSnomShiny RunerigusRolycolyRuby FalinksEiscue[icon]GalarianMr Mime[/icon]
First off, several new wild Pokemon can be discovered at both Icebound Cave and Mirage Ruins! This update features many new species from the Galar region, among others. In celebration, a 1.69x map XP boost is active for the rest of today as well!

In total, Icebound Cave has 7 new Pokemon, while Mirage Ruins has 15 new Pokemon.

Legacy DracovishLegacy Griseous Kyurem
Next up, LegacyDracovish and LegacyGriseousKyurem have become available for purchase on the Mine Shop! Each can only be obtained once per player without trading.

Hyper MilceryShiny Hyper DreepyAstral Hyper RalangelHyper MeltanDark Virus Origin GiratinaRainbow Manaphy

On the Moon Shop, the Pokemon pictured above can now be bought! Don't forget PearlRelicSuicune was added yesterday as well. Click here to see the full list of new Pokemon in the shop!

Sapphire CufantShiny Retro ArticunoHyper Hatenna

Finally, for those who have beaten Special Story Mode, the SSM Shop has a wide variety of new Pokemon to buy! Some Pokemon previously in the shop have also been removed.

Note: You must beat the Battle Area to access Special Story Mode and the SSM Shop.

A big thanks goes to Kora ʕ ʔ for her help preparing today's updates!

In other news, you will find new mining-related options on the Options page. Toggle these options to enable or disable animations while mining!

September: Exclusive Donator Avatars!

The Exclusive Avatars for September 2020 are ShinyHyperCufant, ShinyHyperSnom, and ShinyHyperGalarianPonyta!

All donators who donate $25 or more in September will earn these avatars for free!
The avatars are permanently and automatically added to your Avatar Collection.
They are available for a month only, then they will be unobtainable.

Legacy Hyper RaikouLegacy Hyper EnteiLegacy Hyper Suicune

Also, if you donate $50 or more during September, you'll get LegacyHyperRaikou, LegacyHyperEntei, and LegacyHyperSuicune avatars! Thanks to Nonexistent User for these gorgeous revamps!

If you're interested in donating, see the Donations Guide for more details!
And feel free to PM me, Cless if you have any questions at all!
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