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News: Shrouded Domain!

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Shrouded Domain!
February 10

Hyper Galaxy Clobbopus
HyperGalaxyClobbopus is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

Eclipse Star: February 8 Edition

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
Check out the new Eclipse Star by clicking here!

February 6: Winter Calendar!

The Daily Prize Winter Calendar has begun! Every day until February 26th, trainers can collect a new Present Chest containing many special and rare prizes!

(Tip: You can find the Winter Calendar below the main 28-day Calendar on the Daily Prize page.)

A big thanks to Nonexistent User, Mystera, Sigi, goncas, and Spintato for the new sprites! Remember that you can see who designed a particular sprite by visiting the Amount Viewer or the Art Credits page!

February 1: February Clicking Event!

Howdy y'all! The February Seillib Clicking Contest has begun! This event is hosted by Dan and gives players an opportunity to win rare, unobtainable Pokemon. Read the linked forum thread for details of the contest!

February 1: Mirage Ruins Takeover!

Rainbow Lunala
Malevolent Pokemon have been witnessed causing mayhem at Mirage Ruins! Ambitious Trainers are flocking to the area to search for rare Legendary Pokemon, but many are being possessed and turning rabid. Watch out for Dan!

Thanks to CryptoMoo for organizing this mini-event! Players will have until the end of February to capture the new Pokemon!

January 25: In-Game Eclipse Lottery!

The Eclipse Lottery is now an official in-game feature! Read the instructions on the Eclipse Lottery page for more information!

January 21: Plushdex Update!

An exclusive, limited-edition plushie is now available: FemaleLatimew, thanks to + Itachi Uchiha! Only 12 of them will be distributed, so they will be exceptionally rare, much like its older cousin Latimew from 2014. Similar to the Latimew plushie release, you must register at least 1,000 plushies in your Plushies Dex. Afterward, visit your Plushdex and claim your FemaleLatimew plushie!

January 11

Pearl MareanieRainbow Corsola
PearlMareanie and RainbowCorsola have been sighted at Latias Heaven and will be available for 1 month! Let's get searching!

A big thanks to the selfless leader of the Angels Clan Nonexistent User for donating to put these Pokemon in-game! She and her clanmates have organized a wave of new Pokemon that will be released this week, so keep an eye out!

Tip: Latias Heaven is a special Legendary Area unlocked by reaching Map Level 420. You can increase your Map Level by earning Map EXP in the Legendary Areas.

January 8: Revamped Artist Applications & New Guides!

To kick off the new year, the Artist Applications are officially open again and have been completely revamped! If you're interested in becoming an Artist for Pokemon Eclipse RPG, now's your chance to apply!

Note: We have updated our procedures for hiring new artists. If you have applied in the past — whether recently or not — please re-apply and you will be considered anew! To be considered, you must re-apply even if you have applied recently. Please read the whole forum post before submitting an application!

Pokemon spriting guides with an explanation of Pokemon outlines
Want to learn how to sprite or improve your spriting ability? Nonexistent User has created entirely new spriting guides with detailed examples that anybody can learn from! Visit the Artist Applications and look under General Spriting Guide!

A massive thanks to Nonexistent User for both of these updates - he has put an unbelievable amount of work into the revamped applications & guides! If you notice any mistakes or have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to him!

January 5: Rock Trade-In!

Shiny Hyper Galaxy Charmander Shiny Hyper Galaxy Sableye Legacy Hyper Galaxy Torchic

Shiny Hyper Galaxy Moocow Legacy Hyper Galaxy Moocow

A wide array of new Pokemon are available at the Rock Trade-In thanks to Megan, CryptoMoo, and Charmander! If you turn in 500,000 Rocks, you will receive one of the prizes at random, and there are no limits to how many you can buy. Thanks also to Kora ʕ ʔ (Kora/Celeste) for the sprites!

Tip: Rocks are earned while searching the Legendary Areas or mining.

Update @ 2:45 PM

Crystal Galaxy Ho-oh
Furthermore, the legendary Pokemon CrystalGalaxyHo-oh has been added to the Mine Shop for 2 months thanks to Shadez!

January 3: Monthly Donator/Patreon Updates

As of January 3 2021, the monthly $25 and $50 Patreon tiers have a new perk available:

* Each month, you may pick a non-legendary Pokemon to go in-game either as a 1-day Promo, or as a common map Pokemon (CMP). If a CMP is chosen, it must be obtainable for at least 1 month, and the odds/rarity cannot be chosen.

Visit the Donations Guide for more information!

Additionally, the Heroic Donator & Legendary Donator groups have an additional Pokemon pick available every month! Heroic Donators now get 2 picks, while Legendary Donators get 3 picks each month. (Previously it was 1 and 2, respectively.) This is in addition to the monthly promo pick.

Thus, a Heroic Donator may choose 2 Pokemon to put in-game however they choose and 1 as a promo, for a total of 3 picks. Meanwhile, a Legendary Donator has 3 free picks and 1 promo pick, for a total of 4.

Finally, as hinted, the "promo pick" can now be either a 1-day promo or a common map Pokemon (CMP). However, the "promo pick" must be used for a promo or common map Pokemon and cannot be used in any other way. Furthermore, if a common map Pokemon is chosen, it must be obtainable for at least 1 month and the odds will be chosen by us.

* Ultra Donator: 1 promo/CMP pick per month (Previous: N/A)
* Pretty Donator: 1 pick + 1 promo/CMP pick (Previous: 1 pick)
* Heroic Donator: 2 picks + 1 promo/CMP pick (Previous: 1 pick + 1 promo)
* Legendary Donator: 3 picks 1 promo/CMP pick (Previous: 2 picks + 1 promo)

For complete details, visit the Donations Guide. If you have any further questions about donating, feel free to contact Cless or Kora ʕ ʔ!

January 3: Seillib Trading Day 2

Day 2 of Seillib Trading Day has commenced! To learn more, visit the official forum for the event. Please read the guidelines carefully!

Seillib Trading Day Has Begun!

To start off the new year, Seillib Trading Day has officially begun! To learn more, visit the official forum for the event. Please read the guidelines carefully!

Happy New Year: January Star Shop Raffles!

Astral PalkiaDark Genesis RayquazaAstral Genesis Suicune
The January Star Shop raffles are now open for entry! Winners will be drawn after February 15th. A big thanks to Dio again for his help on this!

Note: Star Points are a currency exclusively earned from Daily Prize Chests as a reward for player loyalty. Good luck!

December 28

Happy birthday Night Shroud!

In honor of this most festive day, a mini-event is running for the next few days: the Shrouded Domain! Visit that page for more details. The Shrouded Domain will only be open to trainers for a few days!

Thanks to Nonexistent User and Kora ʕ ʔ for their help planning this event and for designing the new artwork for it!

December 13: Twelve Days of Christmas!

Emerald Event Houndour
The Eclipse Star is now hosting a special 12 Days of Christmas Event! Come check it out for a chance to win some very merry prizes!!

You can click here to find out more information.

December 8

Dark Genesis CelebiDark Genesis KyogreDark Genesis Jirachi  

Happy birthday DeletedUser! Several new Pokemon & portraits have been released at Kyogre's Temple, including DarkGenesisCelebi, DarkGenesisKyogre, DarkGenesisJirachi, and ShinyCelebi & ShinyShuppet portraits!

Thanks to Nonexistent User & DeletedUser for teaming up to make this happen!

Furthermore, for trainers with Ultra Space unlocked, another new portrait is available: LegacyPrimalHo-oh! Thanks to Nonexistent User for picking this one on Nonexistent User's behalf, and thanks to Nonexistent User for the portrait design!

December 6

Shiny Relic Omega Celebi
ShinyRelicOmegaCelebi has descended upon God's Dream! Note that God's Dream is an exclusive map, meaning it must be purchased from the Moon Shop. Good luck!

Happy birthday to Cosmic Sans and thanks to them for donating to make this happen!

ban karen

November 29: PC Play-Offs!

Sports may have been canceled this year, but not on Eclipse! Come participate in the Eclipse Star PC Playoffs, with tons of prizes to win, lots of PCs to give out, and a prize to the overall winner! There will also be a participation prize for anyone who completes 25,000 clicks this week!

November 22: Dunsparce Forest!

Tree of Life has been inundated with wild & aggressive (yet cuddly) Dunsparce, turning it into Dunsparce Forest! This event map features many new Pokemon to catch and will last until January 2, 2021!

Thanks to Sans for making this happen, and to Sigi for the festive map image! Thanks also to Nonexistent User & Kora ʕ ʔ for many of the new sprites and for helping to organize the event!

November 17

Be advised that players have until November 20th to spend their Halloween Tricks/Treats from the Halloween Event!

November 10: Ultra Space Update!

Shiny RegidragoPearl RaikouLegacy GenesectGalaxy Meloetta
ShinyRegidrago, PearlRaikou, LegacyGenesect, and GalaxyMeloetta have been seen emerging from Ultra Wormholes deep in Ultra Space! To celebrate, a Search Boost is active on all Legendary Areas today!

Ultra Space is a Legendary Area that can be unlocked by purchasing it at the Moon Shop for 100,000 Moon Points. Ultra Space is the ultimate challenge and isn't for the faint of heart, so good luck to all trainers who embark to Ultra Space!

Thanks to Baddy, Kora ʕ ʔ, and zokoo for teaming up to make this update happen! Thanks also to Nonexistent User for the improved ShinyRegidrago sprite as well as some improvements to GalaxyMeloetta, and thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ for the base GalaxyMeloetta & LegacyGenesect sprites!

November 8

Shiny Retro Ho-ohAstral Celispe

ShinyRetroHo-oh has appeared at Burned Tower, and AstralCelispe at Pokemon Mansion! Both maps also have new secret legendary Pokemon to discover!

Burned Tower and Pokemon Mansion are exclusive legendary areas - you must purchase them on the Moon Shop with Moon Points.

October 31: Mystery Bags!

Halloween Mystery Bags are here! Spend your Tricks and Treats from the Halloween Event to summon prizes by visiting the Mystery Bags section of the Halloween Shop!

Please give thanks to your local neighborhood Eclipse Artist for all of the wonderful art released in this update!


October 31: Clarification

In other news, we understand there has been some confusion regarding the fate of unused LegacyGenesisGhosts. The following is a clarification:

Given the confusion, we have decided that unused LegacyGenesisGhosts will not be deleted. However, LegacyGenesisGhost will be re-released in some fashion that is yet to be decided, probably as a promo after the event. It could be a short promo (12 hours - 1 day) or even longer. Any that are held on to will retain the Hoopa's Haunted House place obtained distinct from the new LegacyGenesisGhosts. We make no guarantees about where it will end up in overall rarity other than that it will exceed at least 100ig overall. If you care about its ultimate rarity, hold onto it at your own risk.

We understand not everybody will be happy with this compromise, but we ask that players try to be respectful about it and avoid starting any drama.

October 25: Halloween Event!

Legacy Genesis Ghost
BOO! Happy Halloween!

The annual Trick-or-Treat has begun, and the Halloween Event is here!

Search for Tricks and Treats by mapping, battling, and mining!
They can be exchanged on the Halloween Event Shop for spooky prizes!
You have a chance of finding one each click!

Purple Tricks/Treats appear primarily on the maps (Legendary Areas).
Orange Tricks/Treats appear primarily by winning battles.
White Tricks/Treats appear primarily by mining.

A special Halloween event map has appeared: Hoopa's Haunted House, designed by Nonexistent User! Explore this spawnling mansion for rare and special Pokemon! Hoopa's Haunted House is a test run for the upcoming feature Hoopa's Ring. Good luck!

Legacy GhostShiny Lunala
Finally, if you find LegacyGenesisGhost at Hoopa's Haunted House, exchange it for a spin of the grand Prize Wheel at the Ultra Wormhole! Click here to preview the wheel.

Even more is to come in this year's Halloween Event, so keep an eye out!

A huge thanks to the artists & others for their work on this year's Halloween Event art and planning! ♥ Remember that you can view who created or designed a sprite by visiting the Amount Viewer, the new Art Credits page, or by visiting an artist's profile under the [ Credits ] tab!

October: Exclusive Donator Avatars!

The Exclusive Avatars for October 2020 are HyperMeowthclops and ShinyHyperMeowthclops! Thanks to Nonexistent User for the base sprite, and to Kora ʕ ʔ for the design & Shiny sprite!

All donators who donate $25 or more in October will earn these avatars for free!
The avatars are permanently and automatically added to your Avatar Collection.
They are available for a month only, then they will be unobtainable.

Legacy Hyper Virus Origin Giratina

Also, if you donate $50 or more during October, you'll get a LegacyHyperVirusOriginGiratina avatar! Thanks to Nonexistent User for this sprite as well!

If you're interested in donating, see the Donations Guide for more details!
And feel free to PM me, Cless if you have any questions at all!
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