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News: New Viridescent DNA Pokemon!

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New Viridescent DNA Pokemon!
REMINDER: ??? DNA Expiry on May 16

This is a reminder that certain classes of ??? DNAs will be capped at 5 once the next DNA rotation is released on or after May 16th, 2021 (tomorrow), meaning you will be able to hold at most 5 of the following classes of ??? DNA at a time: ??? map DNAs, ??? battle DNAs, and ??? mining DNAs.

If you hold more than 5 DNAs in one of the mentioned classes, the surplus DNAs will be deleted. For example, if you have x6 ??? battle DNAs, the 1 extra DNA will be deleted, leaving you with 5. To avoid this outcome, visit the DNA Center to determine which ??? DNAs you own as well as how many, and to restore DNAs back to life. ??? DNAs will be clearly labeled as such. As usual, you require 3 DNAs of the same class and Platinum Coins Platinum Coins to restore a Pokemon back to life.

May 11: Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy 69th birthday Dan! In celebration, the Unown Exchange is back for at least a week! Players have a chance to find mysterious Unown while searching the Legendary Areas, battling, or mining. If one is found, it will automatically join. Trade in the Unowns you find at the Unown Exchange to win some fabulous prizes!

Eclipse Star: May 10 Edition

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
Check out the new Eclipse Star by clicking here!

May 10: Thunder Ruins Update!

Legacy Thundurus
The legendary force of nature LegacyThundurus has spawned at Thunder Ruins along with a new Pokemon to be discovered in the wild! Thanks to Nonexistent User for making this happen, and thanks to Nonexistent User & Klade for the Thundurus sprite!

Update @ 9:20 PM: Two secret map legends (SMLs) have been added to Thunder Ruins as well thanks to Dr Vegapunk!

May 10

Shadow Emolga
ShadowEmolga is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

May 8: Mystery Moon Shop Pokemon!

Starting now, when purchasing a Pokemon on the Moon Shop, you have a chance to receive an additional Mystery Moon Shop Pokemon! There are three tiers of prizes based on the cost of the bought Pokemon:

Low Tier: Moon Points 1 – 9,999 Moon Points
Medium Tier: Moon Points 10,000 – 249,999 Moon Points
High Tier: Moon Points 250,000+ Moon Points

The odds of receiving a mystery prize within a specific tier scale with the price of the Pokemon purchased. For instance, if you purchased a RetroPidgey (costing Moon Points 1,000 MP) and an EmeraldSkiddo (costing Moon Points 5,000 MP), you would have a chance to get the Low Tier prize for both purchases. However, your chances would be higher for the Skiddo purchase due to its higher cost.

Hyper Dawn Wings Necrozma
To coincide with this update, HyperDawnWingsNecrozma has been added to the Moon Shop for 3 months, costing Moon Points 250,000 Moon Points!

A big thanks to CryptoMoo for conceiving this idea and donating to make it a reality!

Note: The Mystery Moon Shop prizes will most likely be available for around 3 months. Also, it is possible to earn the prizes multiple times.

May 8: New Legacy Portraits!

A new secret map legend (SML) has invaded Kyogre's Temple, and a new portrait can be found: LegacyKyogre! Thanks to Fluff for making this happen, and to Nonexistent User for the portrait artwork!

In addition, two other new portraits have been released on God's Dream: LegacyVictini and LegacyLovelyVictini, courtesy of ZagzigZero! Thanks to Nonexistent User for the LegacyVictini portrait artwork as well as for collaborating with ZagzigZero on the LegacyLovelyVictini art!

May 4: Viridescent DNA Update!

Emerald Pokemon DNA
A new selection of Pokemon can be restored from Viridescent ??? DNAs! Thanks to Shadez for making this happen, make sure to wish him a happy birthday!

Tip: ??? DNAs are a mysterious type of Pokemon DNA found randomly while searching the Legendary Areas, battling, mining, or chatting on the Cbox. They can also be earned from Daily Prize chests. (Viridescent DNAs in particular can be found while searching, battling, or mining.) Visit the DNA Center to restore DNAs — you require 3 DNAs of a particular type to restore a Pokemon back to life.

May 2: Happy Birthday ULTIMEW!

Sapphire Retro Latios
Happy birthday to our resident cutiepie Ultimew!! In celebration, players can collect an exclusive Promo Pokemon for 24 hours only!

In addition, Dan & others are hosting a weeklong commemorative event: the May Monthly Seillib Event! Y'all can win some rare and fabulous prizes, just make sure to read the instructions on that post!

April 27 – 29: New Additions Roundup

God's Dream Additions

Astral DittoHyper Galaxy Ditto

Players can now find DNA for AstralDitto and a new HML (HyperGalaxyDitto) while searching God's Dream! As usual, you must find 3 AstralDitto DNAs to restore one back to life at the DNA Center. The new DNA has 1/25k odds, while the new HML is 1/250k. Thanks to TikiKat for putting AstralDitto in-game, and to Nonexistent User for HyperGalaxyDitto!

Newmoon Island Additions

Two new SMLs have appeared at Newmoon Island replacing the old ones, one of which was put in-game by TikiKat! All previous SMLs on that map are now unobtainable.

Moon Shop Addition

Rainbow Omega Growlithe
Furthermore, for the currency hoarders out there (you know who you are), RainbowOmegaGrowlithe has been added to the Moon Shop and will be available until mid-July thanks to Rivxr!

Sold Pokemon Notifications

Finally, as of April 27th, players now receive an automated PM when one of their Pokemon are purchased on the Buy Pokemon page (Pokemon Marketplace). This behavior can be toggled by visiting the Options page (under "Alert Options" - the "Sale PMs" setting).

Below that setting, you can also set a "threshold" to receive a notification only when the sale price meets or exceeds a given value. For instance, you can choose to only be notified if one of your Pokemon sells for Platinum Coins $100,000,000 Platinum Coins or greater.

April 26: Manaphy's Haven & Tree of Life Updates!

Ruby Hyper Wooper
In celebration of TheGreatPapyrus's birthday yesterday (April 25th), RubyHyperWooper can be caught at Manaphy's Haven for 1 week! Thanks to Nonexistent User for making this happen, and a happy belated birthday to TheGreatPapyrus!

Tree of Life Update

Astral Totodile
Ruby Mankey
Shiny Hyper Dratini
Shiny Hyper Popplio

Furthermore, AstralTotodile, RubyMankey, ShinyHyperDratini, and ShinyHyperPopplio have taken over Tree of Life!

A big thanks to TikiKat, ManlyMankey, and Nonexistent User for donating to put these wonderful Pokemon in-game!

Ooh ooh ah ah

April 21: Pokemon Mansion Frenzy!

BOO! RainbowGhost and RainbowGenesisGhost have taken over Pokemon Mansion! Trainers are being called to the area to quell these delinquent wraiths — don't forget to bring your vacuum cleaner!

A big thanks to Nonexistent User for donating to put RainbowGhost in-game, and to Nonexistent User for RainbowGenesisGhost!

April 12: Regigigas' Domain Takeover!

New Pokemon have appeared at Regigigas' Domain, including MLs, SMLs, and a new HML! A big thanks to CryptoMoo for making this update happen!

April 11: Happy Birthday Luggage!

Astral SeelRainbow Seel
Happy birthday Nonexistent User! Hoards of AstralSeel and RainbowSeel have reportedly been witnessed clapping in celebration of this historic event at Mesprit's Lake! Today may be your only chance to capture these elusive yet chipper Pokemon. May the claps be ever in your favor!

April 4: Easter Star Shop Update Extravaganza!

Happy Easter! To celebrate, the Star Shop has been updated with new & exciting prizes to redeem — read on to learn more! Screeches and plays dead

Legacy Galaxy LarvestaEmerald TreeckoRainbow Sky ShayminRetro Rayquaza

First off, the Pokemon section of the Star Shop has been completely overhauled with all-new Pokemon to buy with your Star Points! Thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ for her huge assistance with this overhaul!

Rainbow SuicuneRainbow RayquazaRainbow Giratina
Secondly, the April Star Shop raffles are now open for entry! Winners will be drawn after May 15th, so make sure to enter for a chance to win extremely rare Pokemon! Thanks to Dan and DeletedUser for their help preparing this month's raffle!

Shadow Hyper AzelfShadow Hyper MespritShadow Hyper Uxie

Finally, there's a fully brand new section of the Star Shop: the Avatars Shop, where you can buy magnificent avatars with your Star Points to spice up your profile! Tip: Trainer Avatars can be equipped at any time by visiting the Edit Profile page (under Edit Avatar). If you're interested in a completely custom avatar, please consider donating!

Note: Star Points are a currency exclusively earned from Daily Prize Chests as a reward for player loyalty. Good luck!

Astral Type Null
In other news, the Synthetic Pokemon AstralTypeNull has been spotted at Distortion World and will be available until at least May 15th thanks to Nonexistent User!

March 25: Mt. Silver!

Continuing the ILuvMarch Event and in belated celebration of Kora ʕ ʔ's birthday earlier this month, a new yet familiar event map has been released: Mt. Silver!

Players of Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal and Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver will fondly recognize this area from the official games. Many tough Pokemon dwell within — as such, you must be at least Map Level 100 to gain access!

Tip: Trainers can earn Map EXP by searching the Legendary Areas, encountering special Pokemon ("map legends" and "secret map legends"), capturing or defeating wild Pokemon, finding plushies/portraits, and so on. Read the maps & searching guide by Megan for detailed information.

March 24: ILuvMarch Event!

The ILuvMarch Event has begun: a combined celebration of last month's Valentine's Day and this month's St. Patrick's Day! Players will find Shamrocks randomly while searching the Legendary Areas, battling, or mining, which can then be redeemed at the Amour Shop or the Pot o' Gold for prizes!

Event Ponyta Event Teddiursa I Luv Latias Event Fennekin Event Lickilicky
The Amour Shop features Pokemon symbolizing love, with many revamped sprites including EventPonyta, EventRapidash, EventTeddiursa, EventUrsaring, ILuvLatias, EventFennekin, and EventLickilicky! See the full list of revamped sprites at the bottom of this update.

Meanwhile, the Pot o' Gold features prizes symbolizing St. Patrick's Day and March, as well as Valentine's Day! But if you want any prizes from Bulbasaur's Pot o' Gold, you'll have to pay up with 3 Shamrocks!

A big thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ and Nonexistent User for their huge help in organizing and preparing this update! Thanks also to our Artists Mystera, Sigi, goncas, and once again Nonexistent User for the lovely new sprites in this event! If you're interested in joining the Eclipse art team, apply here!

New & Revamped Sprites
Lovely Koffing LovelyKoffing: Sprited by Mystera, goncas, and Nonexistent User
Lovely Weezing LovelyWeezing: Sprited by Mystera, goncas, and Nonexistent User
Lovely Poipole LovelyPoipole: Sprited by Mystera
Lovely Naganadel LovelyNaganadel: Sprited by Mystera
Event Ponyta EventPonyta: Revamped by Nonexistent User
Event Rapidash EventRapidash: Revamped by Nonexistent User
Event Teddiursa EventTeddiursa: Revamped by Nonexistent User
Event Ursaring EventUrsaring: Revamped by Nonexistent User
I Luv Latias ILuvLatias: Revamped by Mystera & Nonexistent User
Event Fennekin EventFennekin: Revamped by Mystera & Nonexistent User
Event Lickilicky EventLickilicky: Revamped by Sigi
Note: This event will last for at least 3 weeks!
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