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News: October Updates: BOO!

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October Updates: BOO!
Eclipse Star November 13th, 2023 Edition!

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
Check out the new Eclipse Star by clicking here!

November 11

Pearl Harvest Skiddo

PearlHarvestSkiddo is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

October 24: Game Balancing Feedback!

As several of you are already aware, we will be strongly considering changes to the mechanics of the game over the coming several months, as we realize there has been discontent among some players regarding the "balancing" and "economic" issues we've experienced over the last year or so. We're hoping to start simple at first so we can better gauge the impact and come up with mechanics that preserve the longevity of the game, and then incrementally improve from there. Therefore, we are holding our very first poll: click here to vote - please make sure you read the entire poll first though!

As explained in the poll, this will almost certainly be followed by numerous other polls in which we collect feedback and incrementally revise (so keep an eye out for future polls). We're aiming to try out various different things that may or may not stick, continuously refine, and collect feedback from the community on an ongoing basis to further polish the ultimate mechanics.

Thanks so much to every trainer on Eclipse for their continued patience and genuine care for the game, it truly means more than we can say, and we're confident we can get things back on the right track in a way that makes everybody happy as best as possible!

November 1-3

A Gold Rush is currently live and will expire at 11:59 PM on the 3rd of November. If you would like to make an offer using the Gold Rush feature for your first monthly trade attempt, please let Ultimew know when you PM for set requirement confirmation. You can find a general description and instructions for Gold Rush events here.

October 18: Halloween Parade!

We're a couple of weeks away from Halloween, and you know what that means—it's now Thanksgiving and/or Christmas! Oh wait, sorry, we aren't an American department mall or retail store. (Yet?) Okay, let's celebrate Halloween for at least a bit before it's too late! (Spooky scary skeletons~ ♫) Read on for a few small pre-Halloween updates!

Shadow Event HappinySapphire Event DwebbleRuby Candy Corn TrubbishEmerald Silhouette Dratini
First and foremost, a gang of spooky Pokemon have invaded the Rock Trade-In! Each one demands a spooky sum of Orange Rock 300,000 rocks to join your team. Naturally, it's unknown exactly which Pokemon will be summoned by your rocks... However, it could be worth your while: rumor has it an even rarer and sp00kier Pokemon will appear before any Pokemon Trainer who has successfully summoned each prize. BOO!

Next up, Roto Boosts have made another return! You may or may not recognize these from the 2021 Virus Event and the recent Pride Parade - this time, they're directly findable while clicking and the Roto Rocks boost has made a return! Once found, use them at the Roto Boosts section to activate personal boosts in EXP, Platinum Coins, shards, and more! Roto Boosts will be available until November 1st, so good luck!

Of course, this is just the beginning. For us, Halloween starts in late October—or even November—or at least that's how it seems... All of which to say: stay tuned for further Halloween updates, or read on for Seillib Halloween festivities!

Aaaand finally, last but not least...
Sign up for the Seillib Halloween event now! The event starts Tuesday!
Click the above link for details on how to sign up!

October 12: Snippy Sillyness!

Custom Pokemon portrait for Snippy
Welcome + Snippy to the art team as a Trial Artist! ♥ We're so happy to have you aboard!!

Custom Pokemon portrait for Jelly Skuntank Pokemon portrait Custom Pokemon portrait for Sigi Custom Pokemon portrait for Mystera
We are still strongly considering new additions to the team so please apply to be an artist if you're interested! If you have already sent an application in the past, please consider reapplying as applications have recently reopened officially!

October: Exclusive Donator Avatars!

Hyper Twilight RaltsHyper Twilight SpoinkHyper Twilight Whismur

The Exclusive Avatars for October 2023 are HyperTwilightRalts, HyperTwilightSpoink, and HyperTwilightWhismur!

All donators who donate $25 or more in October will earn these avatars for free!
The avatars are permanently and automatically added to your Avatar Collection.
They are available for a month only, then they will be unobtainable.

Legacy Hyper Unbound HoopaLegacy Hyper Guzzlord

Furthermore, if you donate $50 or more during October, you'll also receive LegacyHyperUnboundHoopa and LegacyHyperGuzzlord avatars! A big thanks to Kora ʕ ʔ for this month's spooky $25 Twilight avatars, and to Jelly for the magnificent $50 Legacy avatars!

If you already qualify for the avatars, you should receive them automatically within three days! If not, please reach out to Cless. (You will get a PM once they're added to your avatar collection.)

If you're interested in donating, see the Donations Guide for more details!
And feel free to PM me, Cless if you have any questions at all!

October 4: New ??? DNAs!

A new selection of Pokemon can be restored from map, battle, and mining ??? DNAs! (In other words, all classes except Chat and Daily Prize DNAs, although the Chat DNAs do have a couple of new prizes.) The three listed DNA classes have entirely new prize pools, except for SilverChao (battling) which will remain for a little bit longer. A big thanks once again to Kora ʕ ʔ for preparing this update!

Tip: ??? DNAs are a mysterious type of Pokemon DNA found randomly while searching the Legendary Areas, battling, mining, or chatting on the cbox. They can also be earned from Daily Prize chests. Visit the DNA Center to restore DNAs — you require 3 DNAs of a particular type to restore a Pokemon back to life.
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Date Posted: October 06, 2023