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News: The Most Kawaii Month of the Year!! uwu

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The Most Kawaii Month of the Year!! uwu
Eclipse Star March 11th, 2024 Edition!

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
Check out the new Eclipse Star by clicking here!

March 11

Emerald Retro Dratini

EmeraldRetroDratini is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

March 5: Interstellar Oasis!

As the stars and night sky finally descend with the turn into the coming Spring Equinox, Fullmoon Island has transformed into Interstellar Oasis, attracting several legendary & interstellar Pokemon to the area! Thanks so much to Crystal for organizing this update, as well as to Crystal, dokter gino, Vox, TrevBoss, Boomer, and Exodeux for helping out!

Pearl I Luv Shaymin
Also, make sure to check out Pokemon Mansion for a chance to capture the lovely & beautiful PearlILuvShaymin - thanks to Flatter for this stunning release!

February 14: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ Confess and propose to your one true love by visiting me! ♥ How exciting! ♥

Cless: Happy Valentine's Day to my darling waifu Kora ʕ ʔ, I love you, it's beyond imagination that we actually got married last year. ♥ Let's make this year even bestier than the last one, yiiiipppeee!

And once more, remember: you can do it! Say happy birthday Ultimew!!

February 13: Mardi Gras Parade!

Shadow Spring ZygardeGolden Spring YveltalEmerald Spring Xerneas

Out of nowhere, the map Eternal Garden has suddenly been inundated with excited Pokemon party-goers, transforming it into Mardi Gras Parade! During the uproar, several new and special Pokemon have taken the opportunity to slide into the once-esteemed garden, making it their new home, and tempting Pokemon Trainers from all over...

Custom Pokemon portrait for KiraKiona
However, these Pokemon will probably leave once the party ends on February 27th, so any intrepid Pokemon catcher will likely need to be head there before then! A big thanks to KiraKiona for this update, Happy Mardi Gras!!

February 12: Valentine's Day Raffle of Looove 2024!

Please be advised that a Valentine's Day-themed Seillib Event will be commencing on February 14th until February 21st! If you're interested in participating, make sure to check out the forum post for the Valentine's Day Raffle of Looove 2024! If you want to join in, you will be required to sign up before February 19th. Make sure to read the forum post first! Good luck to all the lovers (and single players) out there, may Cupid bless you!! ♥

February 2024: Exclusive Donator Avatars!

Hyper Enchanted EspeonHyper Enchanted Hisuian ArcanineHyper Enchanted Centiskorch

The Exclusive Avatars for February 2024 are HyperEnchantedEspeon, HyperEnchantedHisuianArcanine, and HyperEnchantedCentiskorch!

All donators who donate $25 or more in February will earn these avatars for free!
The avatars are permanently and automatically added to your Avatar Collection.
They are available for a month only, then they will be unobtainable.

Hyper Enchanted DeoxysHyper Enchanted I Luv JirachiHyper Enchanted Enamorus

Furthermore, if you donate $50 or more during February, you'll also receive HyperEnchantedDeoxys, HyperEnchantedILuvJirachi, and HyperEnchantedEnamorus avatars! Thanks so much to Kora ʕ ʔ for this month's enchanting avatars!

If you already qualify for the avatars, you should receive them automatically within three days! If not, please reach out to Cless. (You will get a PM once they're added to your avatar collection.)

If you're interested in donating, see the Donations Guide for more details!
And feel free to PM me, Cless if you have any questions at all!
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Date Posted: February 07, 2024