Rules - Pokemon Eclipse RPG - Online Pokemon RPG Game


1. Listen to moderators. Do not argue with or defy them.
2. Do not spam.
3. Avoid really distracting posts, such as all-caps (capital letters).
4. No posting emojis.
5. Assume children are watching. No sex or drug-related talk.
6. No swearing, racism, sexism, or homophobia.
7. Be respectful and kind to everybody even if you dislike or disagree with them.
8. Do not cheat, abuse glitches, use autoclickers, or use browser modifications.
9. Do not make more than one account or log in to other people's accounts.
10. No advertising other sites for personal gain.
11. No advertising off-site chatrooms or group chats.
12. Do not evade bans. We will know.
13. Speak English.
14. Avoid trolling.
15. Impersonation of other users is not allowed.
16. Do not mini-mod unless no moderators are online. Report rulebreakers.
17. Do not beg other users for stuff or favors.
18. Do not start drama or spread rumors about other users.
19. Avoid using purposefully improper grammar and spelling.
20. Do not relay messages from banned users.
21. Buying/selling stuff on Eclipse for off-site stuff is not allowed.
22. Do not mention other online Pokemon RPGs.
23. Do not talk about permabanned users.
24. If you know of another user breaking the rules, you must report it.

In general, be kind and respectful to everybody and try to make friends!

To protect the wellbeing of our members and community, highly toxic behavior such as bullying will result in punishment even done off the site.

For a more specific look at the site's rules we encourage you to read the in-depth rules, particularly if you are or wish to become a site moderator.